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Our Services

Primary Care

We provide a holistic health assessment and primary health care services such as immunization, check-ups, family planning assistance and on-going medical care. Our doctors and nurse practitioners see clients who experience a particular episode of illness or injury (having the flu or spraining an ankle), and also work with clients who are dealing with on-going chronic illness such as diabetes. Staff try to not only treat the illness or condition but to educate the clients as well, to encourage self-care for the given condtion and to provide information to promote health and wellbeing. Our health care staff will refer and work with specialists and in-home or hospital care providers as needed by the client.

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Dental Services

The PHNCHC believes that good oral health is an important part of good overall health.

Our dental team which includes dentists, hygienists and dental assistants provide dental care 5 days per week to those who cannot access care due to financial hardship such as those receiving Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support and those with a low annual income who do not have access to dental benefits.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing dental care because of financial barriers, you can apply for assistance by completing and submitting our Dental Subsidy Application.  The completed form can be faxed to  905-885-2646 or 905-885-7057, emailed to the or dropped off at the centre.

Children under 18 in need of dental treatment may qualify for coverage through programs offered by the Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit.  For more information please call the Health Unit at 905-885-9100 or visit there website by clicking here.

Call to make an appointment: 905-885-2626 ext.208


Diabetes Education Centre (DEC)

Staffed by registered nurses and dietitians who are all Certified Diabetes Educators. Our services are for adults with Type 1 and Type 2  diabetes or those who are at risk of developing diabetes. Clients may self-refer and our staff will work collaboratively with referring physicians and primary care providers. Individual and small group counselling is available as well as Diabetes Cooking classes. Services are provided in Port Hope, Cobourg and Colborne.

To make a direct referral to the Diabetes program, print off the Diabetes Referral Form

FOR REFERRING PHYSICIANS: Please view the Initiation and Titration of Insulin Medical Directive. Your signed referral represents agreement for our team to care for your patient according to this medical directive.


GAIN Outreach Team


GAIN is a network of coordinated health care services and partners working together to strengthen the supports and capacity of frail older adults. The GAIN program is for frail older adults living at home or in a retirement residence with multiple complex medical problems including one or more of the following:

  • Cognitive impairment
  • Falls or risk of falls
  • Incontinence 
  • Decreased function
  • Impaired mobility     
  • Multiple medications

For more information on the GAIN program call 905-885-2626 ext. 254.  To make a direct referral to our GAIN program, download the fillable referral form and fax it to 905-885-6063 (or your nearest GAIN location) 


  • Help you develop special eating plans for medical conditions
  • Teach you what foods to eat to lower your risk of certain diseases
  • Help you determine the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Assist you in learning how to read food and nutrition labels


Health Promotion

Our Community Health Promoter and Community Health Worker both work with clients, community members and community organizations to develop health promotion programs, activities and strategies to support a healthy community. We have been establishing relationships and partnerships with a broad range of organizations and individuals.

Our list of services offered will change and grow as the health care needs in this community continue to emerge and evolve. We welcome your input as we develop your CHC to serve the needs of residents throughout Port Hope and the surrounding area.  Please visit our website frequently to learn about new programs and services.


Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN)

The Ontario Telemedicine Network is one of the largest telemedicine networks in the world.  Using two-way video-conferencing, OTN provides access to care for patients in hundreds of other health care locations across the province.  In addition, distance education for health care professionals and patients is also available.  The Port Hope CHC has been fortunate to acquire four OTN systems, providing a site for many local residents to attend consultations with specialists in other locations (such as Toronto and Sudbury) without having to make travel arrangements.  Local agencies are also able to utilize our OTN equipment for training opportunities, again minimizing travel time and costs.

Memory Clinic

The Port Hope Northumberland CHC Memory Clinic is a specialty clinic dedicated to helping patients with memory concerns. On the day of the appointment, a team of skilled health care professionals including a physician will complete a thorough medical history and conduct cognitive testing including those related to driving safety. Our team will prepare a management plan for the patient/family and work with your doctor or nurse practitioner to help you link with supports and resources, if needed. A doctor or nurse practitioner’s referral is needed for the Memory Clinic. If you have concerns about your memory, or the memory of a loved one, please ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to send a referral today.  For more information please call 905-885-2626 ext.254 or check out this Memory Clinic Brochure


Contact Us


99 Toronto Road
Port Hope, ON L1A 3S4


Please do not use this email address to transmit personal health information or appointment inquiries.


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Privacy Notice


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Principle of Client and Family Centred Care


The governing body (Board of Directors), leadership, and staff of the PHNCHC are fully committed to quality and safety and to the principle of client and family centred care.  Therefore there is a desire to seek input and feedback from clients and to partner with them and the community we serve.


View our full ‘Client and Family Centred Care’ principle

Important Notice


The Port Hope Northumberland Community Health Centre is a fragrance free environment. Perfumes, after shaves, colognes, strongly scented soaps or deodorants are not permitted due to potential allergic reactions by clients, visitors and staff.