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Our Community

Healthy Communities

How the CHC is helping to build a healthier community

  • Promoting community health through participation and involvement
  • Involving community members in the planning and identification of issues and actions
  • Networking with other local groups and organizations who are working on these issues to build community capacity
  • Focusing on activities that empower individuals and groups to work together to improve their health

What can you do?

  • Be aware of what is happening in your neighbourhood
  • Talk to friends and neighbours to see what they think
  • Depending on the idea or suggestion, we might be able to assit you by bringing more neighbours together to talk, help develop a plan of action, connect with other appropriate groups and possibly access resources

We would be pleased to hear from you...


What Makes a Healthy Community

The Social Determinants of Health*


Adequate Income

We need money to help us secure housing, food, clothing, transportation, cultural and recreational opportunities and all the other things we need for a healthy life in society.


We need to be able to read and understand the information that has an impact on our lives and our futures. We need to have the best education possible for our circumstances to help us reach our full potential.


We get more than money from the work we do in the world. We also get a sense of accomplishment, belonging, satisfaction and fulfillment, if society respects the paid and unpaid work we do.

Affordable Housing

We need housing that is permanent, affordable, decent and accessible. We need clean and safe homes for our families, in communities that create the feeling and reality of belonging.


We need healthful, nutritious food to lead productive lives and reach our full potential.


Belonging to a family, a community, a society is one of the most important things in life. It makes us feel good. It makes us healthy. Belonging makes our communities healthy.

*Social Determinants of Health, Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (March 2007)

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Principle of Client and Family Centred Care


The governing body (Board of Directors), leadership, and staff of the PHNCHC are fully committed to quality and safety and to the principle of client and family centred care.  Therefore there is a desire to seek input and feedback from clients and to partner with them and the community we serve.


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Important Notice


The Port Hope Northumberland Community Health Centre is a fragrance free environment. Perfumes, after shaves, colognes, strongly scented soaps or deodorants are not permitted due to potential allergic reactions by clients, visitors and staff.